With This Community Workshop, You Will:

Understand how sensory inputs impact your child’s emotions and behavior.

This community workshop is created with your busy schedule (and exhaustion!) in mind. The lessons take only a few minutes to watch, and then you can ask our parenting experts your questions!

What makes this workshop unique and valuable?

Our experts are ready to answer your specific questions during the workshop. 

Your workshop agenda

Module 1: The Truth About Co-Regulation

Module 2: Introduction to the Sensory-Emotional Cup

Module 3: Fundamentals of Sensory Systems

Module 4: Understanding Your Child’s Sensory Preference Profile

Module 5: Using Body Language and Tone to Co-Regulate

Module 6: Building Co-Regulation in Daily Routines

Katie Crosby is an Occupational Therapist and founder of Thriving Littles, where she supports children and families from the inside out. Katie’s expertise in nervous system regulation, emotional development, and sensory integration helps families thrive in their everyday lives.

Your instructor

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You simply cannot fail at this workshop. Even by watching one short video, you'll already gain powerful tools.

The lessons are short and practical fitting your busy schedule.

Our supportive community provides accountability.

This workshop will equip you with the techniques needed for nurturing your child's growth from setbacks and challenges.

Our certified parenting experts Liz, KJ, and Erika are ready to answer all your questions during the workshop! 

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Over a million families already benefited from our resources.

Say hello to a future where your child sees obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow. 

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Also, as a community, we’ll work on our popular family activity Emergency Calm Cards which has already helped thousands of families.

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Reduce tantrums by managing your child’s Sensory-Emotional Cup more effectively.

Foster emotional stability with soothing, predictable, and rhythmic routines.

Support your child’s emotional needs by adjusting your nonverbal cues like tone and posture.

Discover your child’s unique Sensory Preference Profile to balance their nervous system.


Cultivating Emotional Balance in Your Child


Trusted by over 1 million

parents and professionals

Trusted by over 1 million

parents and professionals

Reduce big emotional outbursts with sensory co-regulation strategies.

Cultivating Emotional Balance in Your Child

Reduce big emotional outbursts with sensory co-regulation strategies.

Feeling overwhelmed by your child's big emotional outbursts?

It’s surprising how their emotions can be so affected by sensory overload.

Here’s some good news:

By understanding your child's sensory likes and dislikes, you can significantly calm those intense emotional reactions and help stabilize their mood swings.

Introducing a NEW Community Workshop inside GrowthMinded

Cultivating Emotional Balance With Sensory Co-Regulation

In just a few minutes a day, you'll discover key strategies to balance your child’s nervous system and reduce emotional outbursts.

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Join this workshop inside GrowthMinded with your 7-day Free trial.

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